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BizPliz masaža na vašem radnom mestu


General provisions



​Massage therapy is an activity in which a therapist applies manual techniques in order to positively affect the Client’s health and well-being.


Massage therapy has no purpose of diagnosing medical conditions nor is it used to treat specific conditions without medical supervision. The on-site massage therapist will ask you about the diagnosis you may have and strictly follow your doctor’s advice.




Any discussion between the masseuse and the client is treated as strictly confidential. The client chooses whether to talk during the treatment or not. We are always happy to listen to you and share our professional expertise with you. 



Existing and new medical conditions


The Client has a duty to let the on-site therapist know of any existing medical treatment to which he/she is subject to and, if necessary, to provide doctor’s approval. The Client should notify the masseuse of any changes in his/her health condition.

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