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BizPliz masaža na vašem radnom mestu

how does it work ?

BizPliz is a complete physio experience intended to relax you. Just sit in one of our chairs and we will take care of you: from setting up an appointment to bringing the chairs over to your offices and executing highly enjoyable massage thanks to our trained and licensed therapists.

How to set up an appointment?


Give us a call and let us know the following:

  1. Your exact location?

  2. How many employees need the BizPliz?

  3. When would you like the BizPliz?

Where does the massage take place?


Our chairs are multifunctional and highly adaptable; we can place them anywhere in your company you specify. An empty office or a small board-room are an ideal place for BizPliz treatment. 



What do I wear?


Just wear your usual business attire. The massage is done over your clothes and does not require any massage oil.

How long does it take?  


BizPliz takes 15 minutes. If you require a longer treatment, just book more sessions!

When do I show up for the treatment?


You are kindly required to show up at the designated location in your offices just 5 minutes before your BizPliz session. That will allow you to relax a bit and prepare for the experience you should not rush with! If a delay is inevitable and you are late, time allocated to your session will be cut proportionally to prevent further delays.

Is it possible to cancel the treatment?


Yes, with at least 24 hour notice. 

​Is my consent to the conditions of the treatment required?


Before your session, we will talk to you about the treatment plan. We will then ask you to sign a document of consent to the conditions stating that you have read the information, understood them, and that you have agreed with procedures and policies related to professional therapeutic massage on site.

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