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BizPliz masaža na vašem radnom mestu

what is BizPliz?

Let your employees feel appreciated and know that you care for their health! Let them relax in their office, quickly and easily thanks to BizPliz treatment.

Daily stress, tight deadlines, stressful tasks, lack of physical activity, affect employees a lot and make them feel tired and tense, with back and neck pain. Such condition usually leads to a decrease in productivity, poor concentration and poorer business results.


BizPliz is a physiotherapeutic program designed for companies, with the idea to help, short term, through quick massage sessions, done over your business attire and make your employees refreshed and relaxed, to free them from stress and unpleasant feelings of blockade.


BizPliz team, or just one therapist, come to your company with a therapeutic chair and in just 15 minutes, things look so much better.


Make your employees happy and satisfied and their enthusiasm will pay back to your organization.

BizPliz physiotherapeutic program is performed anywhere in your offices on a specially designed massage chair. An empty office or a small board-room are an ideal for a BizPliz massage. The chair does not require a lot of space and is set for work in no time.


Just sit in a chair and take a relaxed position. You don’t have to change from your work suit. BizPliz treatment is done over your clothing and does not require any massage oil. The treatment takes 15 minutes during which the licensed therapist massages the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, relaxing the muscles. After the massage, employee will feel comfortable, ease of movement and no more pain. This energy boost will take you through the rest of the day.

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